About Bhojpur Now

News is at the very core of an informed citizen, it builds awareness about the happenings around and such awareness can be crucial in taking decisions on a normal working day. At Bhojpur Now , we believe that every news starts with a voice, a voice with concern that wants to discuss or criticise what’s happening around. So before becoming news, it first becomes the voice of masses, that’s what news is at Bhojpur Now .

Bhojpur Now is a fast paced, vibrant and dynamic Online Hindi News Portal, more than that it’s your partner in sharing the voices of young Indians. At Bhojpur Now we believe that India is a country of young individuals and it’s important to understand their point of view on the regional and national affairs. So we gave a method to this madness; team of experts and active journalists at Bhojpur Now squeezes out the news from sea of information and pose it to our young audience so they can express their take on it, live. Our forte also lies in the sheer depth and variety of analyses that enrich our viewers perspective by presenting them a multiplicity of viewpoints.

Why Bhojpur Now ?

We stand out from the clutter of various news channel by the depth, pace and unbiased objective based approach to its presentation. Bhojpur Now partners with you in sharing the regional and relevant news and for a change we’re not one way media. We have bridged our portals in a way that we can hear you back on the spot, so we can stay updated about the things that matters to you the most. That means, apart from the mainstream news and events we’ll also share your reactions, responses and concerns about the topic in discussion in real-time.

Our Vision

We aspire to become the most preferred source of information for the youth and want to create our own niche with new parameters for journalism-breaking news, breaking news grounds and breaking convention.

Core Strength

Realising this vision can’t be met alone, that’s where Bhojpur Now team comes in the picture. At Bhojpur Now, when a young and energetic face is delivering the NEWS to you on screen, at the backend there are analysts churning your reactions and responses into a wholesome point of view, which we shared back.